Services & Expertise

E-BiomBelgiumNamur(1) biodiversity monitoring and species detection through environmental DNA (eDNA) (2) integrative taxonomy (DNA barcoding, phylogeography, population genetics) and (3) development and validation of eDNA protocols, methods and indicators.
AquabioFranceSaint-Germain-du-PuchSamplings, Faunistic and floristic identifications,
Monitoring networks,
Impact assessment,
Management plans, Training
SpygenFranceLe Bourget du LacMonitoring of biodiversity with eDNA
ARGALYFranceLe Bourget du LaceDNA sampling and strategy - eDNA analyses in the laboratory - Bioinformatics - Ecological analyses
SCIMABIO-InterfaceFranceThonon-les-BainsScience-Policy Interface for biodiversity conservation
INRAEFranceThonon-les-bainseDNA and taxonomy
Aquatic ecosystem researchGermanyEssenMultiple stressor research, (e)DNA metabarcoding, population genetics, bioinformatics
AIM - Advanced Identification Methods GmbHGermanyLeipzigMore than 10 years of experience in DNA barcoding and DNA metabarcoding (former projects, GERMAN BARCODE OF LIFE - GBOL)
CIBIO-InBIO (ICETA-UP)PortugalVairãoMolecular ecology and genomics
Applied Genomics Ltd.United KindomBrixhamApplied molecular ecology, computational biology, spatial ecology, data science
Bowburn ConsultancyUnited KingdomDurhamdiatoms, algae, ecological assessment
NatureMetricsUnited KingdomSurreyMetabarcoding, eDNA from water, DNA from soils and sediments, GCN eDNA, bulk invertebrate metabarcoding, DNA-based monitoring, R&D of molecular biomonitoring methods
biome-idGermanyWilhelmshavenOver 20 years of research epxerience in the fields of DNA-based methods for biodiversity research. Since 2016 offering our expertise as a service to research institutes, public and private agencies.
BioID LtdIrelandDublinAquatic population genetics and environmental DNA
Israel Oceanography and Limnological ResearchIsraelHaifaDNA barcoding
University of LodzPolandŁódźDNA barcoding; molecular phylogeny, phylogeography, ecology; population genetic; eDNA; metabarcoding
taxonomy, phylogeny of Amphipoda, Tanaidacea, Polychaeta, Chironomidae, Salticidae, Cicindelidae freshwater general macroinvertebrates (with emphasis to EPT)
ecology, risk assessment, distribution, of Ponto-Caspian invasive species
checklists of Palearctic invertebrates
Scanning Electron Microscope
micro and macrofossils: Chironomidae, Mecoptera
microsporidian parasites and its interactions
AZTISpainSukarrietaEnvironmental genomics; microbial ecology; indicator species identification; ecological status assesment; molecular ecology and population genomics; non-indigenous species monitoring
Leibniz Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries (IGB)GermanyBerlinDNA metabarcoding of freshwater plankton, fungi, insects, benthic invertebrates, bacteria, archaea.
CIBIO-InBIO (ICETA-UP)PortugalVairãoMolecular ecology and genomics
Biology Centre CAS, Institute of HydrobiologyCzech RepublicCeske BudejoviceSampling design development, samples collection, preservation, fliltration, PCR amplification,
eDNA metabarcoding, bioinformatic analyses, ecological analyses
Meise Botanic GardenBelgiumMeiseSanger sequencing Plant genotyping analyses Includes centrifuges, a plate centrifuge for bulk DNA extractions, PCR thermal cyclers, and gel staining facilities For preparing DNA libraries for high-throughput sequencing Shotgun sequencing Genome skimming Targeted DNA sequencing.

Topics and taxonomic groups : Coffee, Bananas, Beans, Fungi, Myxomycetes, illegal logging, ...

Part of the SYNTHESYS Sequencing on Demand program :

Benficiary of the Marie Curie ITN: Plant.ID"
National Museum of Natural History Luxembourg (MNHNL)Luxembourg2160 LuxembourgScience-Policy Interface for biodiversity conservation
National Institute of BiologySloveniaLjubljanaMain expertise is traditional monitoring of alge and cyanobacteria and recently also molecular monitorign of potentialy toxic cyanobacteria. Moreover, we are involved in ecotoxicological testing of various pollutants on different model organisms (cyanobacteria, algae and zebrafish embryo) according to OECD test guidelines.
SimplexDNASwitzerlandWinterthureDNA-based monitoring, custom eDNA service, Fish & Amphibian eDNA Service, Quagga Detection Service, Tree of Life eDNA Service, qPCR, barcoding, metabarcoding
ID-Gene ecodiagnosticsSwitzerlandGenevaDNA-based environmental analyses

ID-GENE provides you with fast and accurate results from all types of environmental samples: water, sediment, soil. We cover all habitats from terrestrial and freshwater to coastal marine and deep-sea settings. Our versatile analytical tools are appropriate for all types of organisms from bacteria to protists, plants and animals.

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