Postal addressSüdstrand 44
D-26382 Wilhelmshaven
Contact nameAndrea Barco
Phone number+49 4421 9475 172
Corporate formGbR
Corporate affiliation
Present work areaLocal, Regional, National, International
Future work areaLocal, Regional, National, International
Main activitiesApplication of molecular tools for monitoring of species and communities in marine, aquatic and terrestrial environments.
Field of applicationBarcoding, Metabarcoding, Biodiversity evaluation, Alien species, Food security, Genetic markers, Invasive species, Protected species, qPCR, Species inventories
ExpertiseOver 20 years of research epxerience in the fields of DNA-based methods for biodiversity research. Since 2016 offering our expertise as a service to research institutes, public and private agencies.
ServicesDNA-Barcoding, DNA-Metabarcoding, eDNA-Analysis, Population genetics, molecular taxonomy, phylogenetics, primer development, bioinformatics, scientific writing
Target ecosystemsAll surface freshwater, Lakes, Ponds, Rivers, Marine water, Brackish water, Groundwater, Terrestrial ecosystems, Soils
Target species or taxonomic groupsAlgae (including diatoms), Bryophytes, Pteridophytes, Spermatophytes, Fungi/Lichens (including Myxomycetes), Bacteria/Archaea, Protists, Yeast/fungi, Arthropods Insects, Arthropods Arachnids, Arthropods Crustaceans/Myriapods, Nematods/Oligochaetes, Porifera (sponges), Mollusca (bivalves/gastropods/cephalopods), Macrozoobenthos/Meiobenthos, Fishes, Amphibians, Reptiles, Birds, Mammals, Macrofossils (Vertebrates/invertebrates), Microfossils (microorganisms/micro-remains of fauna/flora), Flora Microorganisms Invertebrates Vertebrates Fossils
Sample typesBulk, Water, Biofilm, Sediments, Soil, Feaces, Honey/beehive products, Biological tissues, Blood, Feather, Hair
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