Postal addressZA du Grand Bois Est – Route de Créon – 33750 SAINT-GERMAIN-DU-PUCH
Contact nameRemy Marcel
Phone number+33 473 247 740
Corporate formWorkers cooperative
Corporate affiliation
Present work areaLocal, Regional, National, International
Future work areaLocal, Regional, National, International
Main activitiesAQUABIO is a workers cooperative and independent consultancy with 20 years of expertise in the production of hydro-biological data and the assessment of aquatic ecosystems. AQUABIO is the market leader in aquatic ecosystems management in France.
Field of applicationMetabarcoding, Bioindication, BQE assessment, EQR calculation, Ecological status, Biodiversity evaluation, Alien species, Invasive species, European Water Framework Directive, European Marine Strategy Framework Directive, Pressure diagnosis, Protected species, Risk assessment, Species inventories, Sewage input/output
ExpertiseSamplings, Faunistic and floristic identifications,
Monitoring networks, Impact assessment, Management plans,
ServicesAdvice and assistance to manage aquatic ecosystems.
Design of specific research and development projects.
Target ecosystemsLakes, Ponds, Rivers, Marine water, Brackish water, Soils
Target species or taxonomic groupsAlgae (including diatoms), Bryophytes, Pteridophytes, Spermatophytes, Fungi/Lichens(including Myxomycetes), Arthropods Insects, Arthropods Arachnids, Arthropods Crustaceans/Myriapods, Nematods/Oligochaetes, Porifera (sponges), Mollusca (bivalves/gastropods/cephalopods), Fishes
Sample typesBulk, Water, Biofilm, Sediments, Soil, Biological tissues
ProductsISO CEN 17025 accredited samplings and analyses of aquatic organisms.
CertificationCOFRAC accreditation for :
– NF EN ISO/IEC 17025 : 2017
Fishes :
– XP T 90-383
Benthic invertebrates :
– NF T 90-350
– NF T 90 333
– XP T90-388
– XP T90-337
– XP T90-388
Oligochaetes :
– NF T 90-393
Macrophytes :
– NF T 90-395
– XP T 90-328
Diatoms :
– NF T 90-354
Phytoplancton :
– XP T90-719
– NF EN 15204
Water chemistry :
– FD T 90-523-1
– FD T 90-523-3
– FD T 90-520
– NF X 31-615
– NF EN ISO 10523
– NF ISO 17289
– NF EN ISO 27888
– ISO/DIS 5667-12
– NF EN ISO 5667-15
– NF ISO 17289
– NF EN ISO 10523
Professional organisation membershipCEN, European standardisation agency
AFNOR, French standardisation agency
UPGE, Professional union of ecological engineering

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